A company's success depends on many factors. Most of those are manageable. The success of SCHEDL Automotive System Service is primarily built on four of these factors:

The company's operating efficiency

  • by permanent optimisation of performance and productivity
  • by avoiding waste in all its forms, whether it be defective goods or unnecessary operating processes

Customer satisfaction

  • by a culture of frank communication with our customers
  • by a continuous and consistent grade of quality which goes along with a certified QM System

Employee satisfaction

  • by information and communication
  • by training and the implementation of continuous improvement processes
  • by safety at work
  • by building up sensible processes which are 'lived' and implemented in a common sense of maintenance, tidiness and order

Technology leader

  • by close contact with our customers and their requirements
  • by the use of the latest technologies and processes
  • by internal and external benchmarking

Based on these items SCHEDL Automotive System Service is always ready for further development, learning and improvement in order to remain on on the top now and in future.

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