Our operative business is basicly devided in three main areas:


  • Itemisation according to parts list
  • Release orders to suppliers of precursor materials
  • Goods receipt
  • JIT delivery to the customer's transfer point
  • Service of sequencing and JIS delivery for third parties


  • Visual inspection before assembly
  • QR-Code reading
  • Temperature measurement before assembly
  • Insert valve
  • RDC/RDK assembly
  • Soaping of wheels and tyres
  • Assembly incl. torsional moment tracing
  • Matching
  • Filling
  • Optimisation of tyre bead seating
  • Checking of RDC/RDK valves
  • Wheel balancing with impact weights, adhesive weights and 2-piece weights
  • Measurement of the lateral and radial force variation (tyre uniformity)
  • Radial and face runout measurement (height-lateral runout)
  • Residual unbalance control
  • End of line Camera/ Conformity check
  • Final inspection


  • Certified quality systems in accordance with IATF 16949
  • Complete data traceability
  • Complaints processing
  • FMEA's

And all these areas are of course focused on customer specification.